Food. It’s what we love. It’s what we do. In fact it’s all we ever talk about, and it’s certainly what everyone at Flo Prestige feels passionate about. That’s why we are deliciously different. To source the best ingredients, to hire the best chefs, and to make everything simply exceptional. We have an extensive range of catering menus which are designed to the highest standard with a wide selection of colors and flavors. All our food is made from the freshest ingredients and we use products from local source whenever possible.



"大家好,我代表整个团队感谢你们上周五的杰出的服务,员工度过了一段愉快的时光,我们也是。我们非常满意你们的工作。以下都是好消息:美味的食物,良好的组织,还有好车,完美的组合! ! 万分感谢你和你的整个团队,期待着下一次的合作。"
朱丽叶 阿拉瓦- 大众集团