Started in Paris, Brasserie FLO has become a Beijing institution since 1999, and the newly opened Tianjin branch continues offering unrivaled service, ambience and fresh French cuisine. The menu encompasses the simple yet artful style of Flo’s concepts. The Escargot, smothered in parsley, and swimming in a rich garlic sauce, is always exquisite. The foie gras is the finest in Beijing and Tianjin, and is unrivaled by any other restaurant on the dining scene. It is a masterpiece of French dining expressionism – undeniably French and welcoming yet delicate and at the same time unashamedly sensual.



"我很高兴的告知贵司,我们的客户对于本次美国商会慈善晚宴感到非常满意! 我们接到了来自美国商会和参加宾客的高度赞扬,他们纷纷表示这是一次令人难忘、无与伦比、非同寻常的宴会,即使是最挑剔的客户都称赞不已。 在此,我们对于贵司的 Ian Ho 表示特别感谢。他从始至终表现出的专业精神,平易近人和以及优秀的素养促成了这次宴会的成功。同时,我们对于贵司主厨和全体团队的出色工作表示赞赏。 再次向您以及全体福楼派斯蒂团队表示最真诚的感谢!能够与您合作我们感到非常荣幸。我们期待与福楼派斯蒂下一次的携手! 梅.卡列洪 Chin-EASE 美国商会晚宴项目"
Chin-EASE 美国商会晚宴项目